Peas Also Provide Us With Many Essential Nutrients Needed For Performing Different Functions Of Our Body.

Green peas, scientifically known as Pisum sativum, belong to the legume back pain family. Potassium counteracts the action of sodium chloride in causing high blood pressure. The specialized cells thus obtained can be used for transplants, as shown above. Hence, there is a possibility that human studies may show contradictory results. The extract acts like an anti-atherosclerotic hardening of arteries, due to deposition of plaque on their inner walls, is called atherosclerosis and anti-diabetic agent. Perhaps one of the most well-known eye diseases, cataract can be defined as clouding of vision which might lead to complete vision loss. There are also cases where the intensity of deposition might reach the pinnacle and the person might experience itchy and swollen facial skin. Totipotent cells are produced from the fusion of the egg and sperm cells. Its insufficient intake can cause certain health problems.

As multi potent stem cells are found in and can be isolated from tissues of adult animals, they don't have to be extracted from the fetas, unlike other types of stem cells. Regular consumption of steamed or boiled CSP can help prevent cancer, as the vegetable helps prevent oxidative damage to our cells. The disease can be treated with eye drops and surgery. Peas also provide us with many essential nutrients needed for performing different functions of our body.

Age-related macular degeneration