There Are A Few Common Eye Infections That Are Covered In Detail In This Article.

It doesn't interfere with one's vision. But if a child shows an increased sensitivity to light photo phobia, then it may be an indicator of this condition. There are thousands of causes of swollen eyelid and painful eyelid bump. In case, anyone or more of these above-mentioned symptoms are noticed in an infant, an ophthalmologist should be consulted without any delay. The following article will discuss some of the highly contagious eye diseases that occur due to exposure to infectious bacteria or viruses. Open-angle glaucoma is the more common than the closed-angle form. There are a number of reasons for why dilated pupils of both eyes could be of different sizes. This article provides some information about the various possible causes of black spots in vision that might prove beneficial. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of eye problems help prevent damage to the optic nerve.

Multiple sclerosis is treated with drugs like copaxone that thwart the invasion of immune system and protect the optical nerve. Having itchy, watery red eyes can be a symptom of an eye problem or allergy. Otherwise, one may have to simple wait for the blood to get absorbed by the eye. There are a few common eye infections that are covered in detail in this article. Red eyes are caused when the blood vessels in the sclera i.e, the white part of the eye, becomes dilated and irritated. Certain activities can bring about minor changes in the conditions for a brief period.